Chastity of Metallurgy

To extract the lustrous token
Catering from the colliery,
To imbibe in fluorescence
In a deep and darkened laboratory .

O ! That wander through the processes
Roast calcine and finally a shine
That your turn to lighten by
In the market , had a good plight .

The pain they bore by
In compassion and sensuality
To be the purest light
That metastasize the world by .

And that was a life of utilitarian metal
Out form the ore , taught the world to mould ….


A Dream a Lullaby!!!

From a cimmerian ground ,
To the elysian sight ,
A dream I saw that ,
The world now cites .
The glimmer I saw
From holy shrine ;
To imitated its presence
In words I cried .

Softer it falls as a spirit by ,
Manifest the ground
With a step wordly wise
Ceased the senses ;
And remarks his silent gesture by ,
In a holy abode
That now sails by …

Visit the God’s acre , I went by ,
But what I saw ,
Was a great light
That enlightens the dark spirits by ;
Me , you know
What wonder was the sight…

That was an angel !
I sensed from my half blind eyes ;
But I got numb ,
Of what a little sight .
Devine was her presence ;
With purity a nigh.
Blessed! I was to see her sight …

I asked her ,”For what you scatter,
such an enormous light “,
She answered in a lovely gesture ,
“To ignite your dreams , child “,
“God bless!” , she said
And the ground turned dark ,
With just a kindle in the sky ;
I looked up and it was …..
A Lullaby !!!
And this was a dream ,
That now sails by.

Wounded Heart


So small when , he
Flies upon the trees ;
With fluttering wings and
The peace that creeps.
A friend he had ,
And lovely to be ;
But what he gets ,
That too was his need .
A day he seldom cries ;
With his clipped wings by ,
He cried and cried ,
And lost his plight.
But what the reason could be :
The one that shattered him a night ,
And exhibit him to speak ;
He cried and cried
To the whole day long,
( Heraclitus has no way to glee )
Nuts his ways to clad his way
But still he cries upon the bay .
This was the sake ,
To which he bleed ,
With no senses in his deeds .
But now he is mature ,
To live free ;
He spreads his wings ,
And leaps from his bygone days ,
And dives over ,
The deep oceans and seas ,
But was still in the memory
Of his friend ( he needs ).
The cause that drains him today,

‘There is a wisdom of head and a wisdom of heart’

We live in a subconscious world where imagination achieves impossible. Wisdom is similar of a kind . We can apologize over and over again on our mistake until we are learning , and these mistakes gives us an ability to brude over it and in this way the roots of wisdom lodge us to the ground and can make a person feel the delightful pleasure of knowledge.

The nature is the player itself, it plays it’s cards as a blind fold unscrolled gamble. The nature itself is the creator of the destiny and the wisdom is the unstable winds of the generations untold.

Wisdom is symphonized in two tunes, just as Orphues composed two of his best , one is wisdom of heart while other is the wisdom of head.

Wisdom is like the mercury in a barometer tube . The more you heat it the more it rises , but unlike it has no limits as the baro.

Nature itself has its prolonged verses; the nation solemnly afirm under God and had one wish i.e. ,to attain wisdom. When God asked Solomon what blessings he should shower on him . Solomon supplicated ,” Give me wisdom and knowledge .” Heis considered as the wisest king of all the times. Wisdom is the magic lamp of Aladdin. If you have it, you have everything.

Nations have its own glory and it is not untold, it is the glory of the wisdom. Charles Dickens quoted – “There is a wisdom of head and a wisdom of heart. “, he superficially differentiate between the two and had shown the window to the world.

Wisdom of head as well as wisdom of heart both are the most sought after rarities in the world. Wisdom is actually an ability to stay positive even in the most negative situation. Wisdom is the life supporting decor . It roots within a person from experiences and traits and finally becomes it’s deeds.

Our minds , the head always speaks about the things which are not emotionally attached which have connection with emotions. This wisdom is sought of being selfish and unfeeling.

The decision you take ,the choices you make can be of both the types but more or less , time is always from head. The wisdom of head , in current generation , is moulded by the criticism of the surroundings. The wisdom of heart cannot overcome it as the head back off the heart and thus the feeling of empathy and kindness all lost away.

The heart doesn’t calculate , manipulate or extracts as the head rather it follows your intuitions , thoughts , feelings and will to do something , to go and ask about something.

Our heart is like the small innocent child , who always thinks good for others but sadly our head is cannot. Wisdom of Heart is completely emotional and intuitive in nature.

Some people differentiate it as two spirits within our body indulge in a conversation to justify what is right . And a man can never come out of his soleloque as Shakespeare characterised Lancelot Gobbo in his play ‘Merchant of Venice’.

Scientifically this thought is absolutely illogical as the heart can only pump the blood not think over . The mind which holds the key to all thoughts perceptions and make you to act wisely . There is nothing like wisdom of heart ,head or senses ; all put together at proper places and action will only assist your attitude behaviour to act wisely.

Wisdom is how you apply your knowledge though the medium of mind and if you are free from negativity and you have good virtues and values in life , your attitude reflects your wisdom.
Confucius, a Chinese philosopher wisely said “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

Experience of wonder miles

Caressed in thoughts

Paved the holy dykes.

As wisdom of Daniel ,

Rely upon his judgement goals

As sweet, this bitterness of old .

Long miles to go strong

A’ shall ask Zeus so .

One not forget the will

The destiny which drills.

To have you

When I stand high on the mountain tore ,

I see you on the horizon shore.

My eyes are still for the wind to blow ;

To take us through a blink of glow.


When too far we come a close ,

For the moonlight to stare , on us with cose

And for the waves , to caress the feet .

In the sparkling light , dream for our peace ,

And for the clock to strike his hand ,

To emblemish our land ;

And the feelings synchronised in band ,

The power of healing with our hands.

Glimpse of the Greek

As the open destiny I drill

Command my powers , Thou so not still ,

Have a pardon oath , as soft as in a mill :

Zeus , thou not for a kill .


Massive as Posiedon , glift hope of the world ,

Trident not for still, destruction on holts it hales

As the golden arrows, showered by sun ,

Enraged the justice of the malice flung.

In sooth not Apollo; Where was the cut in ákro?

I urge the proof , not the Greek so flung;

But the world as a holy loop , commanded by these .

Not so the cause was marked by them ,

Who was the fling, to have merge them ?

As a serpent would do ; wasn’t Aphrodite; the lady of loom.

Till my last breath!

Shan’t, not to the harbour peak ,

Got so taunt and might as screpter:

For the fickle to eat

Got for the last breath

For me to breathe

Warmed and caressed, so as to plead.

Wonder might got harmed for still ,

Of Daniel wisdom of glee.

Caught by my oath , humilated by my deeds;

A heritage abandoned it , by your leads,

What got by such a scramble greet?

Laid down, enriched the land by their heat ;

What head it came to ?

But just caught away our meets.

The Journey Begins

Changes are a part of life . Change is for something good and something better. 

Life is a stage and I name it changes.

Hoping for the best in everyone’s life .

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